HPDU exists to help fast drivers get faster. If your lap times have plateaued or you're not getting the most out of your HPDE days, even in the most advanced run group, you are the type of driver who will benefit most from HPDU. Our programs are based on providing two things: Quality AND Quantity. You can have both. Click for a Sample Schedule

We will be the first to admit: HPDU is not for everyone. If you are looking to get on track for the first time, we are not the right event for you - but please contact us, we will be happy to point you in the right direction. Our events are for experienced drivers, with a well developed sense of spatial awareness, comfortable with open passing and a positive attitude. Safety is very important to us. We have Fire Rescue, an Advanced Life Support Ambulance and a Tow Truck on site for all events.

We limit registration to keep the car count low, ensuring that you get uninterrupted, meaningful track time.

What you won't get at HPDU:

  • Trains of slow cars
  • Aggressive or dangerous drivers
  • Short sessions
  • A crowded paddock
  • Volunteer coaches with unknown backgrounds

What you can expect at HPDU, all included:

  • 7+ Hours of track time
  • Clear laps, no traffic
  • Experienced, serious and courteous drivers sharing the track
  • A limited number of like-minded participants
  • Professional driving coaches, there for YOU
  • Data and video to review with your coach and take home to study
  • Photography
  • And more...