Why is HPDU more expensive than a normal track event?

HPDU is for the experienced driver who wants a private, focused track day to achieve breakthroughs in their driving. We keep the car count low and provide an open track format (up to 8 hours of track time per day), professional driver coaches equipped with portable AIM data and video tools at your disposal, track walks, vendor partners on-site providing product and service support as needed and so much more...

Why are some HPDU events during weekdays?

Our organizers and coaches are professional drivers and are often competing around the country on any given weekend. Logistically, weekday events are what make HPDU possible. We offer weekend events when possible, but we hope that you'll join us during the week too.

Am I ready for HPDU?

If you have a few track days under your belt, you're comfortable at speed, passing and being passed without a point-by then you're ready to join us. 

Does HPDU offer track day insurance?

Yes, we are able to refer you to providers of track day insurance for race cars and street cars. Please contact us for details. It may be less expensive than you think.

Are full race cars welcome at HPDU?

Of course! This is a great format for teams and drivers who want to test for a race.

How many drivers/cars attend HPDU events?

Our enrollment is very limited and depends on the track. 40 cars seems to be the magic number for a smooth and productive track event. It will be rare for more than 20 cars on track at once.

How many run groups does HPDU have?

We only have one group. HPDU events are for advanced drivers, looking for high quality laps. If you're comfortable with open passing, you're ready for HPDU.

Can I share my car/bring a co-driver?

Yes, as long as the other person driving your car meets our qualifications. There is no extra fee.