Buttonwillow #15CW July 22nd, 2016

Welcome to HPDU! Buttonwillow will be our inaugural event. Registration is extremely limited. There are only 40 spots available for this event. We are running the #15CW layout. Follow this link to our sign up page on Motorsports Reg: http://msreg.com/hpdu

Included in registration:

  • 7+ hours of open track, with open passing rules (point-bys always appreciated)
  • Wet Skid Pad open for car control exercise
  • Extremely limited enrollment
  • Professional coaches on hand with:
    • AIM Solo for data coaching
    • GoPro cameras for video analysis
    • Track tour during lunch, led by coaches to look at nuances missed while at speed
  • Photos sent to you after the event
  • Printed decal with number board

All of our events are self tech. Download our tech sheet and complete it yourself, or bring your car to a qualified prep shop to make sure that it is ready for track duty. Remember that you will be getting more than double the amount of track time (up to 7 hours) at our event, so check everything on your car thoroughly.

Free assigned garage to the first 10 signups ($100 value, 15 more available at cost from the track)