Auto Club Speedway, Friday, September 9th

Welcome to HPDU! Registration is extremely limited for our Auto Club Speedway event. This event leads into the Porsche Owner's Club race weekend. There are limited spots available for this event. Follow this link to our sign up page on Motorsports Reg:

  • 7+ hours of open track, with open passing rules (point-bys always appreciated)
  • Extremely limited enrollment
  • Professional coaches on hand with:
    • AIM Solo for data coaching
    • GoPro cameras for video analysis
    • Track tour during lunch, led by coaches to look at nuances missed while at speed
  • Professional Photography
  • Printed decal with number board

All of our events are self tech. Download our tech sheet and complete it yourself, or bring your car to a qualified prep shop to make sure that it is ready for track duty. Remember that you will be getting more than double the amount of track time (up to 7 hours) at our event, so check everything on your car thoroughly.